Predictive redirections,
fictional & unveiled.
Life can always be redirected
in a more satisfactory turn.

No need for a U-turn.

A simple touch may open up a realm of innovative minor or even more fundamental that become a manifestation of a deepening process of relevance in one's life.

It has been such a long time I haven't WRITTEN a sustained text in English.
It's crisp, to the point, far more lexically innovative (than the academy-driven French):
all these qualities do add up to formally reaffirm its kind of excellence.

Such a creative reappraisal finds its way through meanders & almost hidden formalities that energetically recoil into a luxuriant epitome of newly-addressed problematizations.

As if such a fluidified flow of consciousness could only pop up in ENGLISH.

It's no egotrip of the self. Rather a quiet evolution trying to densify a friendly network in a series of parallel evolutionary places that are maybe alloted new functions for happy few.




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