The esthete mowing, as if relying on
the vigilant  eyes, is
awoken. The body is in charge of

the guided machine, ears protected.
The curves outlined on the lawn are
a deep pleasure
for the observing mind.

Muscles adhere to the chosen path.
Droplets of rain warn shoulders,
offered to the wind strokes,

to take brief shelter while mowing
around the large tree.
The act enforces it with a purpose.

The leniency offered by shorter grass
takes its share to the pleasant residence,
discreetly modelled by established experience.

The body now in rest shared its effort with space:

good value for the next three or four weeks.
Three bunches have gathered in as many vases:

all flowers are blooming,

some sown, most unplanted,
all welcome & admired.

A better certainty of doing well,

a deep attention offered
to the surroundings, a book collected

at the yet local post office,
after a long search for the parcel
by a young unstructured clerk,

a morning chat with a neighbour,
the longer conversation
with a friend at home,

and another on the phone

make the day, full of consented
depth & lively lightness.

A more certain joy at accomplishing prevails,
a precise closeness models space
in a minimalist way.

Sensitive to presences enlivened by the wind,
the eye lingers on three yellow spots
popping up their head near the paved area: honeysuckle !


A more temperamental shade
carried by black clouds,
a darkness made to the multifarious cover,

rarefies somewhat
the light on the page,
without incapacitating reading.

(sans escarper la falaise du lire*.)

Most verses have been written directly in English, but some were originally in French, like the last line. It was left to exemplify the different mellowness of each language !



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